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JANUARY 11, 2013

In this month's edition of Health News from OHA and OHPB:
OHA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finalize agreement
Cover Oregon, Oregon’s health insurance exchange, receives preliminary approval
One Oregonian’s story: Patient-centered primary care – It’s the way care should be delivered
In the news

OHA and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services finalize agreement

Oregon reached another important milestone in December in its move to reform the health system for Medicaid. The state reached agreement on the Special Terms and Conditions of last July’s Medicaid demonstration, including an unprecedented Accountability Plan and Expenditure Trend Review.

The plan lays out the methods, measurements, and accountability for Oregon’s Health System Transformation, including:

  • How Oregon will be held accountable for reducing the state's Medicaid expenditure growth trend while improving quality and access;
  • Details on the health quality improvement metrics to be used to measure progress. These metrics include a set established by a stakeholder-led Metrics and Scoring Committee that will provide financial incentives for CCOs that show performance improvement.
  • How the 2 percentage point reduction in per capita medical expenditure trend will be achieved; and,
  • Quality assessments – and the penalties that would occur if health quality were to diminish among the OHP population.

More information on Oregon's Medicaid Demonstration, including the full text of the plan and an introductory presentation given by OHA Chief of Policy Tina Edlund, can be found on the OHA website.

Cover Oregon, Oregon’s health insurance exchange, receives preliminary approval

Oregon was among the first six states granted preliminary approval by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to begin operating a health insurance exchange in late 2013. Health insurances exchanges will allow small businesses and individuals to compare prices and plans in what will essentially be a health care market place.

Governor John Kitzhaber said that the exchange will empower Oregonians to "make decisions about their health coverage" by offering transparency about both quality and cost.

The Portland Business Journal covered the story.

One Oregonian's story: Patient-centered primary care – It's the way care should be delivered

Jim Hill says patient-centered primary care homes provide health care "the way it should be."

Hill, 69, has a chronic disease called porphyria. It is an enzyme deficiency that affects the nervous system, skin or both. His son and daughter also have the disease.

Hill credits the care he gets at Vida Family Medicine in Salem for diagnosing him and helping him manage the frequent and often difficult symptoms of his disease. Vida is a state-recognized Patient-Centered Primary Care Home, which means that it offers comprehensive, continuous and coordinated care to patients and their families.

"It is integrated medicine," says Hill. "They take a holistic approach to patient care…This type of care is the wave of the future; it's where medicine is going. They listen. They get you the care you need."

Read Hill's full story, and to find more coordinated care stories like it, visit the OHA story bank.

In the news

Oregon Public Broadcasting
Oregon Insurance Exchange could pay for itself
Lawmakers and health officials are optimistic that enough Oregonians will use the exchange that it will pay for itself.

The Oregonian
Gov. John Kitzhaber wants to add roughly 200,000 to Oregon Health Plan
The Governor hopes to eliminate the waiting line for the Oregon Health Plan through a plan that will add at least 160,000 Oregonians.

The Lund Report
Healthcare Leaders Back Sustainable Oregon Health Plan Budget Package
Oregon health care leaders are showing support for the sustainable 2013 – 2015 OHP budget package proposed by Governor Kitzhaber.

USA Today
Oregon finds efforts to treat drug addicts paying off
Oregon is finding that early intervention for drug addiction saves lives and money down the road.

Willamette Week
Central City Concern's Old Town Clinic Named National Health Care Leader
The clinic is singled out by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as an "exemplar practice" for care accessibility.

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